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Meet Robert Slater

Meet Rob Slater

Growing up in the heart of Los Angeles’ and Houston's challenging neighborhoods, I understand the obstacles and challenges that many black youth face all too well. My early years were marked by instability, poverty, and frequent moves between my mother and grandmother's care. At the tender age of six, I was introduced to the harsh realities of street violence and homelessness when my family was evicted multiple times in a single year, eventually leading us to seek refuge in The Star of Hope Mission in Houston. 

I believe that by working together, we can make a difference and create a better future for Houston.

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My Formative Years

During my formative years, I was excelling academically, securing roles such as class president at Clear Brook High School in Friendswood, Texas, co-anchoring CB-TV News, and quarterbacking the Wolverines Football Team. Yet, amidst these successes, I also came face to face with the allure of street gangs and the harsh tribulations that often accompany such involvement. At the young age of 17, and shortly after becoming a teenage father, I chose to leave my education behind and I made the ill-fated decision to engage in the drug trade. This choice eventually led to my arrest and subsequent convictions. By the time I was 21, I found myself sentenced to prison for 20 years. 

Statistic to Success

It was during those long, contemplative days behind bars that I made a promise to myself: if I ever had the chance to turn my life around, I would seize it with all the strength and passion I possessed. I would use my experiences to inspire change and uplift those who, like me, had faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Now, as someone who has walked in their shoes, I intimately understand why some youth may turn to delinquency. The allure of fast money, the need for survival, or the quest for an escape from challenging circumstances can all lead them down perilous paths. But I also know that there's a way out, a way to overcome these obstacles, and a way to create a better future.

My life's journey has been a testament to the power of resilience and the potential for transformation. I've risen above adversity, pursued a career in the culinary world, and become a community leader. Through my own experiences, I aim to inspire and guide black youth in Houston, showing them that they, too, have the strength and capability to rise above their challenges, make positive choices, and achieve their dreams. Together, we can break the cycle and demonstrate that our Black youth don't have to be statistics; they can be the architects of their own success stories.


Join Robert Slater and Make a Difference Today!

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